Who We Are

Valiant Gaming is an online community based around San Andreas Multiplayer and Minecraft. Founded in 2012, the community has transitioned to become one of the largest/diverse Freeroam/Roleplay servers! With a bountiful script and friendly community why not give us a try today?

About Valiant Gaming

Valiant Gaming is a community originally founded in 2012, with a motivation to create a unique experience on our servers, tailored and developed around the rapidly-changing community. Our motivation was to provide an unparalleled experience developed by people with extensive experience from the players' point of view.

Frequently Asked Questions


Axis, Flame and Spencer currently own Valiant Gaming.

Valiant Freeroam/Roleplay goes against the grain of most conventional servers. With the largest SA:MP Freeroam/Roleplay script (over 100,000 lines of code) as well as a rapidly-evolving friendly community, now is the best time to join us!

As a clan community, the [vG] and tag refers to the community name, Valiant Gaming.